Randy Douthit Randy Douthit is a well-known producer and director across the United States of America. He currently lives in Los Angeles California where he continues to practice television, movies, show production, and directing arts. Randy Douthit was born on November 15, 1949, in Newberg, Oregon, United States. His father and mother’s name were Ralph and Elizabeth Lauren. His education is a success story having studied at different Ivy League institutions across the USA. He did his undergraduate degree in arts at Stanford University where he passed with flying colors.

He later advanced to Portland State University and did a Bachelor of Science in Psychology where he later specialized and did a Master of Science in Psychology.

His career displayed creativity and competence since he had a passion for his work and was willing to work hard to do what it takes to excel. Randy kicked off his career as a producer at King Broadcasting Corporation, Seattle where he worked from 1970 to 1978.

He later proceeded to New York City as a producer in the ABC animation Company (1978 to 1981). He spent quite a considerable amount of time working for the Cables News Network in Washington (1981 to 1991) where he gained a huge amount of experience in his line of production. He later worked at Warner Brothers Film Production Company in the position of executive director.

He left Warner Bros and joined Quincy Jones Productions where his tremendous success pivoted him to join the New World Film Entertainment. All these film production agencies located in Los Angeles, CA. His efforts in the production and directing of the show Judy Justice featured Judge Judy Sheindlin from Amazon productions, gave him nationwide recognition and attention, and he was awarded an Emmy award. The Emmy award-winning program completed its production in September 2021.

Before Judge Jury, Douthit led the production of CNN’s Larry King Live, a successful program in the studio that the audience loved watching. Also, he produced Crossfire for CNN, the network’s lively and cheerful show. He was the director of the children’s program “how Come” which earned him a Peabody award. Randy Douthit has earned respect and his name is on the list of noteworthy producers by Marquis Who’s who. His trophy cabinet also has six cable awards, six Emmy awards, and two Peabody awards he garnered throughout his fruitful career.