Franci Neely has traveled the world widely.

She got advice from her lawyer partner, which has kept her going.

She was advised to avoid procrastination, which has contributed to her success.

She loves traveling, and she decided to travel to all countries worldwide.

She has managed to visit more than 180 countries and is still committed to touring more countries to make her dream come true.

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Avoid procrastination

The most extensive advice she got from Steve Susman is to avoid postponing things.

If an issue can be solved today, it should be dealt with without pushing it forward. She has successfully come up with ideas and dealt with them.

She is dedicated to making her dream of visiting all countries in the world come true.

She is ready to pack her belongings and embark on trips to Africa and other parts of the world.

Highly experienced lawyer

She is a highly experienced lawyer who has been very successful in her career.

For more than 20 years, she has successfully represented cases in courts.

She decided to take time off and try something special in her life.

She loves seeing new places, and her decision to embark on a trip to different parts of the world contributes to making her happy.

Traveling the world

She knows how to travel to different parts of the world and get the best out of the deals.

Planning for a trip overseas is not easy.

It takes time and resources.

 Franci knows how to plan without wasting time.

Her story inspires many people.

Challenges such as the onset of COVID-19 and the imposed restrictions affected her, but she was able to organize herself and get back to traveling once more.

Contributes to charity

She also takes part of her income and contributes to charity.

The art museum in Houston has been part of the places where she generously contributes.

Neely has inspired many people through her exemplary lifestyle.

Her ability to work with different people and organize time well makes her stand out as a traveler.

She captures exciting moments using her camera in the different courts she tours.

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