Australia is using their partnership with Cleanaway to encourage Australian households to choose recycling over disposing of their garbage in sustainable development across their business. That is from new technology that can render plastics completely safe and useful to even the development of a deep water ocean port to be used for commercial waste storage.

In the midst of their commitment to clean up the environment, they are also being leaders in exploring the economic potential of the ocean’s vast resources, and the opportunities available to change consumption habits. This unique combination of commercial savvy and environmental stewardship is gaining recognition, with the company recognized as one of the world’s 100 best sustainable companies and recognized by the UN as one of its most innovative and sustainable business companies.

The partnership was formed through a capital investment from Australia’s largest waste management company, Cleanaway, alongside an investment from a consortium with communities to not only recycle or reclaim waste, but also innovate the way in which that waste is used. A good example of the company’s innovation is its partnership with Liquid Recycling, where the company turns water used to clean up recyclables into a product like paint and windshield washer fluid.

The paint allows residents and businesses to repaint their homes or vehicles that were previously rendered useless from the water being used to rinse off the waterborne pollutants. All of the products they make are 100% recyclable, something the environment desperately needs.

Vik Bansal has met with CEOs and heads of state from around the world and has noticed that many “don’t want to be associated with waste. They want to be associated with something clean.” Bansal believes that waste management, if done right, can create jobs and become a source of innovation that helps solve problems. Cleanaway has committed to a sustainability vision that puts people, the environment and economic growth at the heart of the business.

Vik Bansal, the Cleanaway CEO Australia also talked about the aim to reduce the impact that single-use plastic causes on environment. He also looks to educate Australians about what they can do to protect their environment and improve the health of communities.

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