The use of digital marketing has exploded. With the emergence of smartphones and mobile devices, more people are adopting digital media as a more convenient and affordable way to discover products and services. Today, consumers are demanding more information on where to purchase goods in an easily accessible manner, so ‘showrooming’ is becoming a big problem for many retailers.

What is SMS scheduling?

It is the practice of pre-scheduling messages to a customer within a prescribed time of the next day, reminding them of recent or upcoming purchases. SMS scheduling allows you to send a text message to your customers on a predetermined schedule. Some phones require that the user turns on their phone so they will receive notifications. Since customers check their phones constantly during the day, customers can bombard them with too many texts at once and end up just deleting them. Here are some benefits of using this service.

  1. Better ROI

Sending text messages to customers on a predetermined schedule means that you won’t be bombarded with junk messages. You can focus on long-term relationships instead of quick marketing reactions. You will save money by utilizing SMS scheduling since you are not paying a media buy that would otherwise have been spent on traditional media, such as print.

  1. A Global Reach

SMS can reach customers in over 140 countries. Since many countries follow the same phone schedule, your customer may see your SMS message when they turn on their phone or can see the message from a retailer when they visit that retail outlet. Firms now utilize SMS scheduling to reach customers worldwide, even in hard-to-reach places.

SMS campaigns effectively promote and sell products by sending a text messages to customers with deals or information about a particular product. SMS Reminders allow you to remind your customer about upcoming events and purchases. Use these services to attract holiday shoppers!