Academy of Art University is well-renowned for its remarkable reputation in producing successful alumni. Particularly, its School of fashion has received a lot of accolades including the recognition of the alumni program from Vogue Business. The School of Fashion’s Executive Director, Simon Ungless, attributed this success to the solid curriculum that Academy of Art University combines with core foundational concepts with projects and workshops intended to give students the freedom of expression and exploration.

The School of Fashion has also made great efforts to create opportunities for its students including participation in New York fashion Week as well as school-based fashion shows. Students who enroll at the university graduate from the school with completed projects and complete portfolios of design concepts which give them an opportunity of finding meaningful employment, or even better, start their own businesses.

There have also been discernible persons with successful careers who are from the School of Fashion’s alumni. Among them includes Stephanie Thomas, who started her own stylist and consulting business after completing her Master of Fine Arts in Fashion Journalism. Stephanie’s business, Cur8able, caters for the fashion needs of disabled people giving them a chance to express themselves. She has been featured in several forums including TedxYYC talk and has accredited all of her success to the experience she got at Academy of Art University.

Ben Ellis is also among the plethora of alumni who have graduated from the School of Fashion and made successful strides in the fashion industry. He was awarded the 2016 California Fashion Foundation Scholarship Award and received a BFA in Menswear Design. Ben is currently an instructor at the school shaping the futures of the next generation with his experience.

The curriculum employed at Academy of Art University has a history of producing successful alumni who go on to be creatives, designers, and artists. There are more than 120 accredited degree options from which students can choose, all being taught by lecturers who are experienced professionals in their respective fields of study. Students are accorded hands-on experience together with a solid foundation of core skills to allow them to express themselves creatively. Connect on Instagram to see more of their posts.