Thomas Neyhart, current CEO at PosiGen solar power company, always knew he would excel in the majority of his career but never thought he would someday be running his own solar power company. So how did the PosiGen CEO come to be the head honcho of PosiGen? He was born & raised in the suburbs of New Orleans & was always told to try his best when he was taking all of his tests. 


This led to him getting straight A’s & being able to finish as the school’s valedictorian. After he closed the door on that chapter of his life, he tried to find the best college that would suit his needs. He soon came to realize that this was going to be LSU & he accepted their offer. He knew it would be an arduous road to get his bachelor’s but was determined to get it no matter what the cost may be (Prnewswire). 


Thomas Neyhart wound up doing so well that he was able to join PBK & this is when he began to hit his stride as he did his best to get to the finish line. After going to his advisor to see what he could do when he got out of school, PosiGen CEO was proud of what they settled on & graduated in the spring of 91. From there, he opted to start PosiGen in an effort to fight back against climate change & convince as many people as he could to go green. He has been helping save the environment for almost 10 years at this point. 

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