Robinson HelicopterRobinson Helicopter Company was founded in 1973 by a man named Frank Robinson whose idea of the perfect helicopter was one that is effective but at the same time cost efficient. when the former company he worked for did not like his vision of what a helicopter should be, he resigned from the job and started Robinson Helicopter Company. In their 42 years of work Robinson Helicopter co. has sold 13,000 helicopters as of April 2021 and showing no signs of slowing up anytime soon. Their helicopters have become a staple of helicopter aviation learning programs, offering helicopters that are both affordable and reliable for students to use. In all of their years of work, many accolades and accomplishments have been attained by this great company. Accomplishments that include having the Buenos Aries police purchase 40 R22 helicopters, the R44 police helicopter becoming FAA certified, and a very extensive list of other accomplishments. With a highly skilled workforce, this company makes their helicopters in house and provide some of the highest quality and efficient helicopters. Respectively, this company is known nationally and internationally for their R44 and R66 helicopters.

Robinson Helicopter

Both come in different models and styles to fit the customer or organization’s specific needs. Research and innovation are the reason the company has stood strong for so many years, this allows them to adapt with the constantly changing new age information. When it comes to efficiency, cost, and performance Robinson Helicopter company checks every box in a more than exceptional way.