Razer Inc is very respected in the global community. The technology platform has been praised by many individuals for designing and developing gaming hardware, consumer electronics and effective financial services. Razer’s performance has been excellent over the years thanks to the visionary founder, Min-Liang Tan.

Liang is a very simple and quiet professional who does not like the fame brought by business. His performance business is what has pushed the leader to come out of the shell and tell the society how he has built his powerful emperor without a lot of help. Many do not know the background of the entrepreneur. Razer founder comes from Singapore.

While people follow in the footsteps of their parents, Liang had a different path. Min-Liang Tan parents were common entrepreneurs. His father was among the top real estate experts and consultants in the society. His mother, on the other hand, had to stay in the house and take care of Min-Liang Tan and his other siblings.

When Min-Liang Tan finished his high school studies, he was eager to pursue a course that made him content. At the National University of Singapore, Min-Liang Tan began his career. The professional went to the faculty of law where he finally graduated after four years.

During the graduation ceremony, Tan was among the first students. The Razer CEO skills in intellectual property were perfect from the time he left the university. At the Singapore corporate section, the businessman worked for several property companies.

Later, the leading executive joined the Supreme Court where he served as an advocate for years. The role at the Supreme Court was bitter and sweet. Although the job demanded so much from the leader, the results would not be rewarding enough. The experience he was getting at the Singapore market motivated him to look for a better paying job in business. See this page for more information.


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