Tim Murawski has been through a lot in a career that has gone on for close to 3 decades but did he ever think he would be running his own business? He says he did not think it was ever in the cards. Tim Murawski was born & raised in the suburbs of Springfield where he tried his best to get into the college of his choice. A lot of his classmates were eyeing the top tier schools but he knew that WIU was the way to go for him. 


As such, he began to matriculate there just as soon as he was done with his HS classes & this led to him being a part of Phi Beta kappa. Successful businessman Tim Murawski was proud to be one of them but did not let this distract him from all of his goals in life. So he pulled a lot of all nighters & had to study hard for many nights on end but it all turned out to be worth it when he finished summa cum laude in the spring of 93. Before he got his degree, though, Tim Murawski had to decide what he was going to focus on & this soon came to him in the form of business. 

By the time he got out, he was ready to start Augmedics so he bought a building & the rest is history. They’re currently working on a system that will revolutionize the way doctors conduct spinal surgery on their patients by using AU. As a medical technology initiative company, Augmedics has revolutionized the way surgery proceeds; by giving surgeons better control and visualization, leading to more accessible, faster, and safer surgeries. Also, Tim Murawski´s diverse background in commercializing surgical robotics has played a significant role in growing Augmedics within the robotic surgical market.