Concierge Auctions have announced their May and June worldwide action. The auction lineup is worth over 240 million dollars in property. There will be no reserves in most of the properties up for auction. The luxurious properties are in four countries, including the United States, where most properties spread out in seven States. Anyone interested in bidding on some of the auctioned property should do it digitally from across the globe through the firm’s online marketplace on their website.

Some properties to be auctioned by Concierge Auctions in the United States include the Sierra Towers penthouse, a home for the richest and most celebrities in Hollywood. The penthouse is a masterpiece of the 16th century set up on a 63-hectare piece of land at 690 Loyola Drive. Forest and mountain views surround the tranquil home setting, making the property even more serene. A renowned architect known as Jack Charney built the luxurious living space in 1965. It’s built with beautiful glass walls to give the residents a view of the horizon for the sunset and the California beach. Property owner Evan Metropoulos is the principal of an investment firm known as Metropoulos & Co. The property is auctioning for 33.5 million dollars, and there will be no reserves. The Sierra Towers is an extraordinary property that provides exclusivity and security that provides individual lifestyle to the most sought-after residence by celebrities and the richest in West Hollywood. According to Chad Roffers, the Concierge Auctions chairman, Sierra Towers is a kind of property that is most suitable for high-end auctions and is currently the firm’s Hallmark.