Steve Lesnard, who was formerly the CMO at The North Face, is now the Global Chief Brand Officer at Sephora starting in March 2022. Lesnard has over 20 years of experience in the field and he will use that to help Sephora continue to build its reputation. Lesnard has faced many challenges over the course of his career, but the Covid-19 pandemic posed the largest one. He helped The North Face weather that crisis. His strategy included pairing up with influencers and having the company put more than $10 million into the Explorers Fund – a program to help people explore the outdoors.

He is making the leap from sports to the beauty industry, and he aims to make Sephora become a big disruptor. He also has indicated that he wants to help it continue growing and scaling all around the world. The biggest asset Sephora has is its omnichannel, and Steve Lesnard intends to use it to the brand’s benefit. He wants the company to give its customers the best experience possible when they are shopping, whether it is online or in a store.

Lesnard will be watching as the company continues its push to expand with store-in-stores appearing in Kohl’s. He will monitor trends and always be ready to help the company be at its best and most profitable as it enters 2023 and beyond. The future looks bright for both Lesnard and Sephora.

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