Have you ever watched a video, and a specific outfit caught your eye? Did you instantly wanted to buy it but checked all the stores without success? Then worry not. The narrative will soon change in the coming years by droppTV.

The founder and chief officer, droppTV, Gurp Rai, had the same experience that led him to find a solution for the lack of platform to do shopping even through the videos. He founded the droppTV to enable customers to shop directly for a product while live-streaming a video.

The ability of shoppers to get tag alongs in Instagram photos for the specific item shown motivated Gurp Rai to try and make an equivalent but now, instead of using pictures, he chose videos. Ideally, videos have been used for ages for entertainment purposes, and the audience is quite large. The only problem is that it has always been the videos that have been the loss leaders for a long time. Gurp Rai seeks to change this notion with the droppTV initiative and promote shopatainment with it.

With droppTV, content creators and artists can monetize their videos as they connect with their fans in a whole new dimension of matching the hype and buzz of their videos with streetwear new arrivals as offerings.

Since the launching of droppTV, various established artists and upcoming ones have released their videos through the platform. Some of the artists include Ashanti. The droppTV platform has also gained a larger market by having various renowned brands joining it. Some of the brands are LG, COOGI, Vero Moda, Zanerobe, and Agenda Show.

droppTV understands that shopatainment is way more than just music videos. That is why they have partnered with Agenda Show, global streetwear, and lifestyle shows to give buyers and consumers the immersive brand experience via eCommerce.

Through the collaboration with Agenda Show, droppTV will show the world the incredible power of shopatainment and demonstrate how it works. With increased competition, DroppTV gives the brands and creators the changing trends and customers’ preferences, making it easy to customize their products for a better sale.

By combining entertainment, content, and commerce, droppTV provides a new trend in the entertainment industry. The grand dimensions that droppTV is about to scale can be taken advantage of by those with great foreseeing eyes and join the journey for the fantastic opportunity.