Following a seven-year investigation into corruption, the founder of one of Soho’s most exclusive nightclubs, as well as a Metropolitan Law enforcement officer and security managers, has been billed with bribery infractions alongside them. A court appearance for Ryan Bishti, 41, the businessman who founded Cirque le Soir as well as other nightclubs in the capital, is scheduled for next month. A former officer in the Westminster police registration unit, he has been accused with conspiring to commit bribery, along with Frank Partridge, who was also charged.

A bribery scheme has been suspected against the owner of an A-list London nightclub and a retired Met Police officer known as the “Sheriff of Soho.” Cirque le Soir’s entrepreneur Ryan Bishti, 41, has been charged with conspiring with the Westminster police registration unit, together with ex-sergeant Frank Partridge, 48, to defraud the club’s investors. Following a lengthy investigation by Scotland Yard’s anti-corruption division, they were charged with conspiracy to conduct bribery during February 2013 and June 2015, together with six other individuals. After it opened in 2009, the Carnaby Street venue Cirque le Soir became a hotspot for celebrities like Cara Hadid, Miley Cyrus,  Rihanna and more

A conspiracy to conduct bribery accusation has been levied against Terry Neil, 55, the head of security business TSS, as well as his ex-wife Sandra Henderson, also 55. Police officers from the Anti-Corruption Command investigated claims of corruption by police license officers in Westminster, and extramarital affairs between officers and persons running local businesses,” the Met said in a statement announcing the charges. Seven people have now been charged after the Prosecution received a case in December 2017. Partridge, Ryan Bishti, Pamela Bishti, Serdoud and Ginandes all from Camden, Serdoud and Ginandes both from Croydon, Neil, Henderson, and Mulholland all from Slough have not yet made any pleas.