Ross LevinsohnContributing to the business realm in more ways than one, Ross Levinsohn is a tech, finance, and sports aficionado. Marketing and communications are two other areas he’s versed in, making Levinsohn an exceedingly knowledgeable and dynamic businessman. With a resume a mile long, Levinsohn’s talent speaks for itself. However, his professional accomplishments are worth noting, starting with the position he held at HBO over 30 years ago.

Unlike most businesspeople, Levinsohn started his career on top. While working at HBO, he served as the head of marketing enterprises. With enough leadership experience under his belt, Levinsohn earned higher-ranking positions, ranging from VP to CEO. Along the way, he gained insight into media relations, event management, content acquisition, and digital design. With a laundry list of skills to his name, Levinsohn branched out on his own in 2014.

The result of Levinsohn’s solo endeavor was years of entrepreneurial success. After establishing his strategic advisory firm, Levinsohn worked for Tribune Publishing, Thryv, and Sports Illustrated. The latter is an opportunity that Levinsohn recently seized, and his hard work undoubtedly paid off. While serving as Sports Illustrated’s CEO for nearly two years, Levinsohn resolved the company’s financial struggles by restructuring its operations.

Not only did Levinsohn improve Sports Illustrated’s editorial affairs, but he also secured more prosperity in a highly competitive marketplace. Levinsohn’s proven invaluable to Maven’s team as well. When hired as Maven’s CEO in 2020, Levinsohn was tasked with increasing audience engagement and forging new business partnerships. Using his know-how and extensive connections, he did just that. Though Ross Levinsohn has seen three decades of industry success, he continues to make great strides in his career.