Ross LevinsohnRoss Levinsohn has had a long, exciting career in the American communications and technology industries. As a new graduate of American University’s broadcast communications program, he and a friend launched their own production company, which they operated for several years. Levinsohn’s early career also included several years at HBO in promotions for Time Warner Sports and a few years at CBS in production for SportsLine.

In 1999, Levinsohn joined Alta Vista, which was planning an internet portal launch. Though it was scrapped, he took a liking to technology. He accepted a general management position with Fox Interactive Sports Media in 2001, a position he held for four years. He was promoted to the company’s CEO in 2004. In 2006, he departed the company to found another firm, 5to1. His co-founder was James Heckman.

Heckman and Ross Levinsohn sold 5to1 in 2010 for $28 million. Yahoo bought it. Levinsohn joined Yahoo, and eventually came to be its interim CEO in 2012. Entrepreneurship enticed Levinsohn again during the 2010s. He also held executive roles at Tribune Interactive, Guggenheim Media, Boston Consulting Group and the Los Angeles Times.

In 2019, Heckman contacted Ross Levinsohn about an opportunity he had to offer. After he and Levinsohn sold their digital ad agency, Heckman founded Maven, Inc. Over nine years, Maven purchased more than 300 established media brands and created many of its own. Heckman’s company had just purchased Sports Illustrated Media, and he wanted Levinsohn to be in charge of it.

Ross Levinsohn accepted Heckman’s offer. Levinsohn’s history of growing brands and expanding authorship and readership worked wonders to expand the audience of Sports Illustrated. Heckman was thrilled with the brand’s growth. In the middle of 2020, Heckman announced plans to retire. He offered the CEO position to Levinsohn, who accepted.

Levinsohn stepped into the role of Maven’s CEO as of August 2020. Since then, he’s been in charge of connecting new partners with the firm. He’s raised more funds and stabilized the brand. Levinsohn’s work has also centered around bringing fresh voices and perspectives to many of the brands, which include Maxim and TheStreet.