Adelle Archer is the current CEO and the co-founder of Eterneva. Eterneva is a famous grief wellness firm, which applies advanced technology to honor the lives of people and pets by burning their bodies into ashes and then converts the ashes into memorial diamonds. The Austin-based firm started in 2017 after Adelle Archer lost her close friend, and she wanted to honor her uniquely.

Adelle Archer acquired her MBA in Entrepreneurship from Austin’s Action School of Business. Later, she worked at Crate Joy as the Business Manager. She also served as the Senior Product Marketing Manager for Bigcommerce and TrendKite’s Head of Product Marketing. Read more

In an interview with Forbes’ 30 Under 30 lists and Inc, Adelle revealed that she was inspired to do something meaningful, impactful, and different, changing the world during her youth. She urges the youth to hold onto their idealism and keep pushing until they accomplish their dreams. Adelle added that her success journey was full of trials and tribulations. Back in college, she ventured into politics because she wanted to make a change in the world. She thought politics would enable her to make her dreams realistic, and so she started a Libertarian Club.

After college, Adelle Archer moved to D.C, where she realized politics is not the way to go. She took her time and figured out the right direction she should take. According to her, it’s always important to follow your heart because it is your compass. Most people fail at the first trial, but that does not mean you should give up.

According to Adelle, living a purposeful life is the most critical thing in life. She always tries to do something bigger than herself. When you start a business, you should not focus on material things, accomplishments, and personal achievement; instead, focus on what will be said about you once you are gone. Additionally, Adelle encourages entrepreneurs to work with established companies to gain enough knowledge and skills before starting their businesses.

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