Independent representatives are located all over the world and they connect with potential customers through the QNet website or its call center. To be eligible to become an independent representative, one must join QNet’s system. Some independent representatives use their computers, while others use QNet’s computers to advertise and sell products. More to read at Medium

Customers first select an independent sales rep for QNET. When a customer agrees to purchase the product, the representative goes to the seller and has the product delivered. Once the representative is satisfied with the product, the next step is to apply to become an independent QNET representative.

Once a rep has been approved, he or she schedules a test purchase. At that time, the representative can then present the customer with an application to become an independent representative. The business model is based on selling thousands of consumer products to individual consumers at affordable prices.

Products are sold online. The business relies heavily on a long-standing distributor network to reach consumers and carry out the sales. The arrangement between QNet and distributors ensures the suppliers get a fair margin for their products. The distributors earn a profit from the sale of these products and then pass on that profit to customers by charging them a small commission.

In that way, QNet is able to profit in two ways at once – through direct sales and by earning commissions from the distributors. QNet offers a variety of merchandise, including jewelry, cell phones, vitamins, body lotions, fragrances, rice and groceries. But they also offer an online business that enables people around the world to buy into the company’s network of distribution, based on a global, on-demand model.

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