Living in the Academy of Art University residence is a unique way to experience a new culture and make new friends. There are many benefits to living in the residence halls.

The pros of living in the Academy of Art University residence are:

It makes you feel more connected to your peers

It makes it easier for you to focus on school and helps develop independence.

It is a good way to meet new people

It helps you meet people from all over the world, and you can learn about their culture.

 You become more accepting of new people

You learn how to be nicer to people and get along with them.

 It gives you a new perspective

You will be able to see how other students live. You may see how some things work or don’t work for other students, which will allow you to make better decisions for yourself.

 You learn how to live independently

It teaches you responsibility and how to make decisions on your own. This will prepare you for adulthood and give you life skills that will last a lifetime.

The cons of living in the Academy of Art University residence halls are:

 It is a college experience, so there will be many ups and downs

It can be stressful, but it’s okay because you know what to expect. The best advice is not to let the stress gets you down.

 It could limit your freedom

You will be living in a traditional college dorm, but you’ll have more freedom than in your home. For example:

You can go out on a date, go to a party, hang out at the beach, etc.

 You will not live with family

You may enjoy this part of college, but some students might not. Since you live on campus, you won’t be living with your family.

 You may not have found the perfect place yet

Some residence halls are very loud or crowded, and some are quiet and ideal for studying/relaxing. So it is important to find out what type of atmosphere works for you.

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