Staying healthy in 2020 was a challenge. The coronavirus changed the way people deal with all kinds of household air pollutants. The old HEPA air filters were the only air purifying game in town before Yogi Goswami, an American entrepreneur, developed the two-filter PECO air-cleaning system.

A recent Sleep Sherpa review discussed the differences between HEPA air purifiers and Molekule’s PECO two-filter system. The Sleep Sherpa reviewer liked the way the Molekule stands alone in a slick silver canister and quietly removes the dangerous air invaders. The reviewer gave Molekule high marks for its design and easy-to-use app. Once the air purifier is out of its box, it’s ready to use.

The Sleep Sherpa review also points out Molekule’s customer service department. The customer service department does a great job keeping Molekule customers up-to-date on the latest air purifying methods. Plus, Molekule’s customer service department answers questions about using the app and cleaning the filters.

Other Molekule reviewers who suffer from asthma point out the relief they get from Molekule’s PECO two-filter system. Pet hair, mold, and pollen can make sleeping difficult. But according to Sleep Sherpa, sleeping issues tend to disappear when a Molekule is in action.

The Molekule mini and the standard size Molekule improve household air quality in a time when mask-wearing became the norm. People want to stay safe outside as well as inside the home. Molekule’s air purifying system keeps homes safe from the nasty pollutants that create breathing issues, according to the Sleep Sherpa review.