Chad Price is the President and CEO of Mako Medical Laboratories. Chad established Mako Medical Laboratories in 2014 to meet the medical needs of the people of North Carolina. The firm specializes in healthcare technology, medical facilities, and laboratory services, and it has expanded to support patients in ten states. Through the transparency between medical laboratories and customers, the firm has been able to differentiate itself in the medical laboratory space.

Mako Medical has earned recognition not only for its achievements in the medical industry but also for its treatment of veterans in the workplace. One of Mako Medical’s most noteworthy achievements in 2020 according to Signals CV was the production of more than five million COVID-19 samples. MAKO Medical Laboratory, a quickly expanding private medical laboratory serving the greater Charlotte area, shares the Latham neighborhood with two other well-established medical centers, Carilion Spectrum Medical Center and Baptist Health System’s Jacksonville campus.

This all-encompassing medical laboratory, in collaboration with nationally recognized and regarded regional hospital chains, provides a variety of specialist inpatient rooms, lab laboratories, surgical theaters, radiology, and diagnostic imaging facilities, and extensive laboratory and testing systems for a broad range of core business areas.

Located in the beautiful rolling hills of North Carolina’s Piedmont Region, Mako Medical Laboratories was founded by a professional team of scientists and technicians dedicated to providing consistently high-quality healthcare and technical support to their valued clientele. Located in the heart of the metropolitan area, the company’s main facility houses one of the most technologically advanced diagnostic imaging and laboratory machines ever created.