Michael and Loretta Kryshak own a company together with their son Thaddaeus, an engineer, and their daughter Violent; they have significantly impacted the #MaskUpMKE initiative through their company. Rebel Reform is a manufacturing company-based oat Saukville that deals with the manufacture of hospital disinfectant wipes. After the family had come from a trip to Southeast Asia in early January 2020, the news was spreading about an outbreak of a deadly virus discovered in China, and it was now spreading to the rest of the world. Thaddaeus, the company engineer, realized due to this threat and found that the melt-blown polypropylene fabric materials used to produce the hospital disinfectant wipes could also be used to make face covers. He suggested re-modeling of the fabric to achieve surgical-style masks, to be distributed across Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

The company prepared the kits and ensured that they were fully assembled with the help of volunteers. According to executive director Loretta Kryshak, “kits consisted of 700 fabric squares, 1400 rubber bands, and instructions on how to finalize the mask design.” She added that “it took 10 to 15 hours to complete a kit of 700 and 90,000 -person-hours for the 6000 kits. This was facilitated by Milwaukee companies, churches, communities, and families who pick up kits and returned them as ready-to-use masks. Heather Perkins facilitated the distribution process from Ignite change which is a social-cause advertising agency. United Way was incorporated through this agency, which later connected with the Fiserv Forum and Milwaukee Bucks, who ensured the effective distribution of these face masks. This initiative helped in the distribution of 4 million masks. According to Kryshak, the company I committed to providing that the fight against COVID-19 is strengthened. To learn more about Loretta Kryshak work, visit https://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/loretta-kryshaks-photography-receives-recognition-from-the-monochrome-awards-301318205.html