As a technology entrepreneur, angel investor, and company architect, Leonid Radvinksy enthusiastically supports and uses open source software in his many roles. Open source software contains source code that allows people to contribute from anywhere in the world. The accessibility of open source software is a significant departure from proprietary software where only the company that owns it has control.

Benefits of Working with Open Source Software

Leo Radvinsky feels so positive about open source software because of the fact that developers from around the world are able to contribute to the software, thus resulting in improved features. The nature of open source software encourages collaboration between talented developers at all skill levels with little risk. Some developers may even have the skills to create entirely new programs.

Leo Radvinsky: An Elixir Evangelist – DATA SOURCE HUB

Leo Radvinsky also appreciates that working with open source software puts more control in the hands of developers. They are able to prioritize the features most important to them without the need to wait for company approval that exists with proprietary software. All developers from beginners to experts can use this type of software with little risk.

Leo Radvinsky Favors Elixir Open Source Software

The Elixir open source programming language is easy to use and functional for all developers. Many of the largest and most well-known companies in the world, such as Pepsi Cola, already use Elixir to manage a huge amount of data and provide uninterrupted service to clients. A large, supportive community has sprung up around Elixir, most of whom feel the programming language is reliable and efficient.

Currently, Leonid Radvinsky and his team are researching ways they can expand the web-based software they developed using Elixir. He would eventually like to see a wide range of industries use Elixir for multiple applications.

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