Juan Monteverde is a renowned attorney in New York City known for his great work in ensuring his clients get their dues regarding their investments. The managing partner and founder of the Monteverde and Associates PC has built a reputation of being the shareholders go to in all matter’s investments.

The Journey Here

Juan Monteverde attributes his vibrant legal career to many things, one of which is his excellent work ethic. As often than not, he spends hours making sure his clients are not defrauded of their earnings, making sure that the corporate boards are honest in their activities and have the terms of their mergers made clear.

Furthermore, he also attributes his success to his vast load of experience garnered through years of hard work at several law firms. He recalls a time he was kept in charge of a law firm’s mergers and acquisitions department.

An experience that came in very handy when he decided to start his law firm, and with an extensive background in shareholders rights and securities law, Juan Monteverde was well set to build his legacy firm.

Doing the Great Work

Armed with his experience and firm belief in his professional abilities, he managed to launch his practice. However, unlike most law firms, he was unequivocal that his practice would be all about helping the clients get their rights and have their day in court

Juan Monteverde felt that lawyers were even more efficient and effective when placing their clients’ needs first above the firms.

And after years of great work, the firm achieved very excellent results in the legal scene. However, like many startups, they were faced with several challenges, one of which was the lack of an online presence.

Determined to get past this hurdle, the firm put all of its efforts and resources into creating a steady online presence. They began by creating a website where they could post their achievements from the cases won.

And as the word spread, clients came trickling in, bringing in valuable business for the firm.

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