Josh Garza is a bonham disciple who has carved out his path in the world of music and art.

He is working on his first solo album, which will be released sometime this year.

It’s one thing for a drummer to cite John Bonhams as an influence; it’s another for him to describe himself as “a bonham disciple.”

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But that’s precisely what Joshua Garza does in an interview with The Drummer magazine.

He goes so far as to say that Bonham was the reason he became a musician.

Garza grew up in Houston, Texas, where he played drums at age five. At age 14, he moved to Los Angeles to attend high school.

After graduating from high school, he attended college at California State University, Long Beach, where he majored in business administration.

But after two years there, he decided to pursue music full-time.

Garza started drumming professionally when he joined the band L.A. Guns in1992.

He played with them until 1996 when he left to join the band Shout It Out Loud.

During his time with L.A. Guns, he met bassist Phil Lewis, who would later become his best friend.

After leaving Shout It Out Loud, Garza formed his group called The Dead Daisies.

They recorded their debut album, titled The Dead Daisies, in 1998.

Josh Garza achieved success early in his career. While still in L.A. Guns (1992–1996), he won the Best New Artist award in the Metal Edge Readers Poll and the Kerrang!

Awards. He also received nominations for Best Rock Drummer in the same recognition.

In 1995, Garza was nominated for Best Male Vocalist in the Metal Edge Readers Poll. In 1997, he was nominated for Best Hard Rock/Metal Drummer in the Kerrang! Awards and Best Heavy Metal Drummer in the readers poll.

Josh Garza is a bonhomadisciple. He cites John Bonham as his biggest musical inspiration.

And while he doesn’t consider himself a “Bonham disciple,” he says he’s always been influenced by the late Led Zeppelin frontman.

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