It is one thing to be inspired by John Bonham, but an entirely different feat to capture his unique sound in one’s playing.

Josh Garza of Secret Machines had spent two decades scrutinizing Bonham’s pioneering style and embodying it in his music.

According to Garza, “John Bonham played the kit like Hendrix wielded the guitar.” MD received a special insight into some of Garza’s drumming secrets.

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Josh speaks about the impact of his drums’ sizes, for example, referencing a Tama kit with two 16″ floor toms (one at a deeper pitch), a 14″ rack tom, and a 28″ bass drum which is the same size that Bonham used.

He then describes how he got the idea for the tunings on these large drums from reading that Bonham usually kept his drums high in pitch like a big band drummer.

The batter head on Josh’s kick drum is tightened while the resonant head is left loose with juice.

In 1991, Josh Garza’s admission into the professional music world made him a great source of determination.

His characterized drumming style gave rise to indie rock bands like COMET and Captain Audio, making him swiftly win over a dedicated group of admirers.

Over time, his followers vigilantly monitored as he channeled his gifts into Secret Machines, followed by the modern psychedelic rock group EFG.

With notable accomplishments stemming from his involvement in EFG, the revival of Secret Machines in 2021 is still stirring many conversations.

Garza was a perpetual source of enthusiasm for his fellow musicians through this long trip. His impact is palpable in all musical genres, particularly in alternative rock.

He has become a cult figure in rock music.

Garza’s first big break came in 1992, when he collaborated with a popular indie rock band, COMET.

As the drummer for the band, Garza received much acclaim from music critics and a loyal fan base, including indie rock fans eagerly searching for something fresh to feed their insatiable appetites.

After about three years of active participation in the group, he left them and joined another cult indie rock band, Captain Audio.

In conclusion, Garza’s artistic integrity, dedication, and passion for music have made him a magnetic force in the music world.

At an early age, he had spent hours practicing with sticks that were not worthy of his talent.

As a result, he developed exceptional skills, which enabled him to be a multi-instrumentalist capable of bringing phenomenal drumming abilities to his performance.

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