In London, very many startup organizations do not know how they will be marketing their products to the young generation. That is why most of them will continue to face some of the extreme operational issues that have been associated with most of the smaller organizations for very many years. Joseph Ashford Ellis does not want such companies to experience the challenges that they have been facing for very many years.

It is his primary role to ensure that these organizations understand the best strategies that they can always use to meet the needs of the smaller organizations. Joseph Ashford Ellis is of the view that working with the smaller companies and the new customers who have been joining the market is always a major issue in the business. As such, those who are in the market must always look for some of the essential techniques and strategies that can help in changing how such companies have been operating and more

Joseph Ashford Ellis is of the view that reaching the younger generation in the market will only be possible if such companies will be willing to use digital technology, especially social media marketing strategies. It is the view of some of the companies in the market today that they do not have to use social media marketing as it has become a very common aspect in most companies, especially in London.


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Obviously, organizations have been able to make some major inroads in the business world without having the right technology and without the use of social media marketing. However, Joseph Ashford Ellis does not believe that smaller organizations can reach the young population without the right social media platforms in their marketing techniques. These organizations will struggle if they do not use social media marketing as they work towards meeting the needs of young people.

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