Carl DaikelerFor many people, being overweight or obese means not having a lot of self-confidence. Carl Daikeler aims to boost everyone’s confidence through his Beachbody program. Daikeler’s career started in a different area of expertise. He was a producer of halftime shows for the NFL in the 1980s. In the 1990s, he shifted gears a little to produce infomercials. That industry opened his eyes to the increase in number of overweight or obese Americans. He noticed that many of the products featured in infomercials were fitness-related. Daikeler thought he could help people restore their self-confidence through an at-home weight loss program.

In 1998, Carl Daikeler and a co-founder created Beachbody. The program started out small, with a series of workout videos that people could do in their own homes at their own convenience. Patrons loved the videos and asked for more. It wasn’t long before Daikeler’s program had hundreds of workouts in its library. Celebrities helped him create specialty workouts, such as P90X.

In 2015, Daikeler introduced an additional service called Beachbody on Demand. This subscription service meant that a person could access all of the workouts made to date without having to own and store all the DVDs. The on-demand service became wildly popular in 2020, when many people had no other way to maintain fitness.

Daikeler also wanted to help people eat more healthfully. To that end, he and his team developed Shakeology. He markets it as the nutritional side of Beachbody. Shakeology is a protein powder pack. It’s available in a sampler size with different flavors or as a single-flavor, large bag. The proteins are available from whey or from plant sources, so there is a vegan option for those who need it.


Shakeology fills the rampant nutritional deficiencies in typical Americans’ diets. It has plenty of fiber, which promotes good digestion and colon health. It also contains a minimum of 16 grams of protein. This combination creates a satisfied appetite. Shakeology has vitamins and minerals, too. The shake powders are available in tasty, rich flavors, including tropical strawberry, salted caramel, cafe latte, chocolate, vanilla and many more.