NumbersUSA Action is a nonprofit organization based in Washington D.C. and Arlington, Virginia, that limits the total number of immigrants allowed to the United States of America every year. It was founded in 1996 by Roy Beck as an organized advocacy group to respond to arguments made by the U.S Commission on Immigration Reform and the Presidential Taskforce on Population Consumption.

The U.S Commission on Immigration Reforms, under the leadership of civil rights advocate Barbara Jordan, had sought to reduce the number of immigrants entering the U.S by half a million. At the same time, the US Presidential Task Force on Population Consumption established under President Bill Clinton (D) proposed reducing it by more than 500,000.

NumbersUSA is currently the largest immigration-reduction grassroots organization in the US, with over five million participants from the 435 congressional districts. Its members call for the support of immigration policies that protect American citizens from the effects of excessive immigration.

Its main goal is to persuade public officials in the U.S to limit annual immigration numbers under the following three main provisions:

  • The nuclear family members or spouses of American citizens and their minor children residing outside the U.S.
  • Special needs refugees who have no plans of returning home or their native regions.
  • Immigrants with extraordinary skills in areas of the United States have an interest.

NumbersUSA Action also advocates protecting America’s labor force by eliminating the existing employment-based visas for foreign workers with skills that can be gotten from the American population and the labor shortage crisis be solved by temporary work visas. See related link to learn

The group has an educational arm known as the NumbersUSA Education and Research Foundation, which provides civic education before American citizens across all political, social, and economic backgrounds on U.S immigration and educating policymakers on immigration issues. more.


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