Andrew Lazarus has already acquired the prized Beach Hotel Merewether that has always been seen as the ultimate property in Newcastle.

This is a huge achievement for the family that will play a vital role in enhancing the value of the property and ensuring that he has been able to dominate the sector that has always been on the growth side for a few years.

Acquiring this facility demonstrates that he is ready to handle the entire sector and emerge as the winner.

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Currently, Lazarus has some new plans for the new facility.

There is no doubt that the design and the infrastructure of the facility are very attractive. However, there is a feeling that it is not up to date.

Therefore, Andrew Lazarus intends to ensure that he is revamping the hotel so that it can have a new architecture that will help in addressing some of the major issues that have been missing for a few years.

Also, Lazarus is planning to attract very many customers to the facility.

This facility has always been in a position where it has been attracting very many customers.

This is a welcome aspect that has been attracting other individuals who have been looking to ensure that they are already investing in this sector.

However, marketing the organization will be a very welcome undertaking as it will help in attracting new customers to the organization.

Lazarus seems to have some additional plans for this facility.

It is his perspective that the previous owners had been ignoring the members of the community, especially when it comes to corporate social responsibility.

That is why he has been highly focused on changing this operational trend by running an organization that will not only listen to the community’s needs but also pay attention to the corporate social aspects.

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