Health Ritenour is the CEO of the Insurance Office Of America. His success journey has not been easy because, at some point, he was diagnosed with cancer. For more than nine months, he was in total darkness because he didn’t know his fate with the disease. Although he was diagnosed with the deadly disease, he had strong faith he would be healed. Due to his strong faith, he started talking about freedom even before he was declared cancer-free. And when the results came out, his wishes were confirmed. He was healed. Through this freedom, he has helped several people in their journey of fighting cancer.

According to Heath Ritenour, the healing came on time when he needed it. He was completely broken to the point he was almost giving up, but he needed to be strong for the people looking upon him. From feeling empty and broken, Heath is now free, and the experience has taught him big lessons. The major one being you may not realize how desperately you need something until it’s taken away. If there is an opportunity for it coming back, you feel reborn. Heath Ritenour says we should be grateful for everything we have.

Heath Ritenour is happily extending his freedom at the Insurance Office Of America. As the CEO, he is eliminating the unnecessary traditional policies which limit the freedom of employees. He is building a culture where everybody can account for his or her actions without micromanaging. Heath is training his more than 1200 employees to have the entrepreneur mindset. Due to this freedom, the employees are more productive because they have flexible working schedules. Being productive is the key goal of every employee. They also have space to participate in other activities outside their work. For example, they have the opportunity of participating in sports.