Starting a new business is not a joke for most people. Even when the business owners have done their best and prepared themselves for their journeys, they always have some different types of challenges from time to time. The wise and innovative people get busy with innovation when an opportunity arises in their industry, and they tend to survive the harsh times of their businesses. Few personalities never get to win in their struggles to own businesses.

Researchers have already discovered that most small businesses collapse and run bankrupt few years after they have started to operate. Haroldo Jacobovicz know how it means to succeed in new businesses and how it hurts to lose money when a business collapses before making some few coins for the founders. Haroldo Jacobovicz began to get fascinated by businesses, especially those in technology, when finishing his university degree.

Doing business in technology meant that the entrepreneur was going against the course he had specialized in. This fact, however, did not scare him one bit. Microsystem, a small online based platform was the first ever business venture co-owned by Haroldo Jacobovicz. The businessperson was not alone in this business journey.

Haroldo Jacobovicz loved the Microsoft platform when he brought it to the market. The business, however, struggled throughout its existence in one year. The business, according to its three founders, did not have the customers needed to facilitate operations and create revenue. It was hard to facilitate the business without any proceeds and clients. The lack of clients is what resulted to the end of the business a few months after it was formed.

After acquiring his academic qualifications, the businessman pursued the idea that had just collapsed on him while in school. The second time round, the executive named his business Horizons Telecom. To make the venture better and effective, Haroldo targeted different customers. Horizons Telecom made so much progress in the government institutions.

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