Gretchen Robinson is Compliance Officer at Roosevelt Island Operating Corporation (Ro) in New York City, a government-controlled corporation that oversees Roosevelt Island, the largest island in Manhattan. She is employed by the Metropolitan Transit Authority (MTA) of New York and is responsible for all facets of project management, safety, and enforcement on the island. Gretchen Robinson has been with Ro since 2005 and started as an intern. Today she’s a full-time employee responsible for everything from fleet maintenance to visitor traffic control.

  1. Education

Gretchen graduated from Bryn Mawr College with a BA in Literature in 2005. She then received her Master’s in Urban Planning and Public Affairs from Columbia University.

  1. Career History

Robinson began working for Ro in 2005 as an intern and has held a position ever since. Her responsibilities include budgeting, financial management, and government compliance. Robinson joined the board in 2008, including being a member of the development and energy committees. She is currently a member of the safety committee and visitors center committee and is involved with the recycling/appropriate waste program. Roosevelt Island Operating Corporation’s website states that Gretchen Robinson is a member of the Community Advisory Board, and they consider Robinson, a “local leader.”

  1. Achievements

Gretchen is known for her hard work and efforts being allocated to Ro. She is also recognized for her proactive efforts in ensuring the rules and regulations are followed. Robinson has assured that Ro has an excellent environmental image by encouraging staff members to recycle and dispose of solid waste properly. She works with staff by providing them with appropriate disposal bins in all areas so that no employee wastes any recyclable material.

  1. Awards

Many organizations have awarded Miss Robinson for her work. The “Upwardly Global” award was presented to her in 2008 and again in 2009. She won the Revson Award in 2011, recognizing her efforts towards curtailing unauthorized construction on Roosevelt Island. She also received New York State’s highest honor, the Governor’s NYSDOT ‘Moving Ahead’ award, for her hard work, dedication, and excellence.

Success is achieved through hard work, good luck, and the generosity of others. Gretchen Robinson is a true entrepreneur and has not only given her best to her work but also helped others along the way.