It is not a usual thing for an eighteen-year-old student to organize a huge event such as a fundraiser.

However, Scarlett Sykes, a student at the Gordonstoun Private School in England has shocked the world.

The teenager has organized a fundraiser in honor of his fallen stepdad.

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When she started telling her peers about the plan, most of them downplayed her efforts saying that it was a far-fetched idea.

In fact, some even told her that the plan would not materialize.

Nonetheless, Sykes was convinced she was doing a noble venture thus she went ahead with the plan.

To her surprise, the fundraiser collected over £3,000.

Reasons For the Fundraiser

According to Sykes, the death of her stepfather, a medical officer with the British Army, was a painful thing she has ever come across.

The Gordonstoun student says that her uncle, Malcolm was of sound mind a few days before his death.

Malcolm had traveled to Afghanistan, two times and come back alive when the British Army was sent on a peace mission.

Syke’s stepdad oversaw the soldiers’ health when they were on the foreign mention.

What is more, the military doctor oversaw the soldiers’ mental health.

The doctor died of a brain tumor, which according to the Gordonstoun student is a rare condition.

“In honor of my stepfather, I will organize a fundraiser that will help me collect funds to set up a brain tumor and research center in our country,” Sykes told reporters a few days before the start of the fundraiser.

To help her initiate and carry on with the fundraiser, the management at the Royal Gordonstoun School played a big role.

The principal, teachers, and pupils took part in the early morning walk that saw the effectiveness of the fundraiser.

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