Gordonstoun, notable as the alma mater of the late Prince Philip, has not remained frozen in time.

The school continues to innovate in an attempt to live up to the motto it has had since its founding – “Plus Est En Vous – There Is More In You.”

A Never-Ending Season of Growth

Growth is an important aspect of the Gordonstoun experience.

There is a reason so many Gordonstoun graduates go on to top-level universities like Cambridge and Oxford.

English GCSE and A-levels form the backbone of the academic offerings but the learning hardly stops there.

The staff at Gordonstoun know how important it is to exercise the body as well as the mind.

Originally built on scenic Moray Firth to take advantage of its access to the water, out-of-classroom activities go beyond just sailing.

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Cycling, hiking, even skiing are possible in the surrounding Scottish countryside.

The campus encompasses 200 acres, plenty of room for students to explore both outside and within themselves.

World-Class Facilities

Outside the classroom but still, inside, Gordonstoun boasts some of the finest recreational halls in the country.

From the fully equipped sports venue to the entertainment complex ready for full plays and dance recitals, Gordonstoun encourages students to express themselves in multiple ways.

Life-Long Learning

Gordonstoun is proud knowing it not only equips students for further education and careers but prepares them for life itself.

The skills and values they learn at Gordonstoun they’ll carry with them for the rest of their lives.