Defend Haiti’s Democracy is a non-profit group of activists trying to bring the world’s attention to the recent descent in political control that has put the small country’s citizens in a dangerous state of limbo. Sadly, Haiti and her people seem to be fixed in a consistently difficult path to stability since the island nation was struck by natural disasters a while back; although various countries responded to the plight of the Haitian people at that time of need, little progress has occurred internally to bring the nation back to its feet. Today, a more potent threat is facing the people of Haiti from within; a breakdown in the government system caused by political uncertainty has become a breeding ground for civil decay and organized crime (Georgettemulheir). 


In turn, Defend Haiti’s Democracy has come into the picture to persuade the international community to heed the present crisis of human rights violations. The situation in Haiti can trace its roots to the parliamentary elections that were set for early 2020 but failed to take off; the chain reaction that followed has resulted in a power-hungry president who declined to relinquish power after parliament was dissolved. To ensure a stronghold in Haiti’s political scene, Jovenel Moise has enlisted the assistance of a secret police force, which has enlisted local gangs’ services to instil fear in public. Georgette Mulheir and Defend Haiti’s Democracy group have chosen to respond to the newly formed political alliance by inviting experts worldwide into a panel called “Haiti at a Crossroads” to explore solutions to Haiti’s humanitarian problem.


According to Defend Haiti’s Democracy group, a significant obstacle to internal reforms by local Haitian activists arises from the fact that police forces loyal to the oppressive government have recruited local gangs to terrorize the public and physically assault anybody that speaks out against the administration. Report from various neighbourhoods across the capital city detail the kidnappings, murders, rape, and coercion of young people into criminal activity by well-known individuals enjoy government protection. Defend Haiti’s Democracy believes a coordinated approach is necessary to reverse the social and political crisis effectively. Georgette Mulheir is tasked with shading light about the Haiti situation to European leaders; she has an extensive background in creating and training systems of care that governments and humanitarian organizations use to address children affected by institutionalized neglect. 

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