Haiti’s parliament body was dissolved in January 2020, following the stalled national and local elections by Moise. Haiti has been left without national and local democratic structures. Peaceful Protestants are always in the streets. However, insecurity rates are hiking up following police brutality and harassment towards the protesters. And global activists and human rights defendants such as Georgette Mulher are aware of it trying to make a change about it. The world has been silent for long on the Haitian democratic crisis, and many harmless citizens are suffering. It is the need for democracy restoration that motivated Georgette Mulheir to establish Defend Haiti’s Democracy. 


According to global leader Georgette Mulheir, Haiti´s country is popularly known for the deadly earthquakes, more so in 2010, claiming around 200,000 lives. However, there has been a democratic crisis in the country since 2019. Protests in Haiti escalated when the senate associated President Moise with corruption scandals. Even Georgette Mulheir had the opportunity to be present at one of these public exhibitions. President Moise failed to plan and execute a national and local election in 2019, contributing to the dissolved parliament body in January 2020. Since February 2020, Moise has extended his stay in power unlawfully. 


President Moise has also recruited a secret police  among the own citizens of Haiti organization with extrajudicial powers. The secret police service is killing and persecuting peaceful protestant in the streets. Since the national parliamentary leadership dissolved, President Moise recruited persons loyal and close to him in leadership positions. According to Georgette Mulheir, the world has remained silent for a long time, and it’s time to bring the democratic catastrophe to an end. Police brutality and violence against peaceful Protestants have been aggravating. With the extrajudicial powers, the secret police establishment reports to Moise, which endangers the wellbeing of the Haitian citizens. 


Things are escalating to the worst since vulnerable children and women are being abused sexually and trafficked. In 2014, human rights defendant Georgette Mulheir started her work in Haiti with the aspirations of reinstating power and safety to vulnerable families within every community. Her organization also takes care of neglected children and women. After the 2020’ political crisis, Georgette Mulheir has coordinated global human rights activists against the dictatorship leadership of Moise. Mulheir established Defend Haiti’s Democracy, a portfolio advocating for a peaceful power transition. Georgette believes that a democratic Haiti will be peaceful and in a better state. Georgette Mulheir is a reputable international human and children rights activist.