Fortress Investment Group (New York) seeks to generate attractive risk-adjusted returns for investors while meeting the long-term capital requirements of clients. Fortress Investment Group currently manages $62 billion in assets, and some years back, it began trading on the NASDAQ in the American Market. The company keeps on building upon its strong reputation.

There are now several “Fortress Funds” with investments around the world. They are getting more active in public equities. Fortress Investment Group has also done a bit of merging in the last couple of years. They now manage a total of $39 billion in assets. These asset growth figures are impressive, and the company can justify its investment strategy.

The New York Firm offers private and public capital solutions to foster growth and transformational opportunities to meet and manage risk in sectors where traditional capital cannot play a role. The fortress is today’s biggest name in alternative investments and a major force in the alternative investment industry. It now has over $55 billion in assets under management and is the fourth largest hedge fund in the world.

Fortress Investment Group has created and managed approximately $30 billion in public and private market assets including real estate, fixed income, private equity, and infrastructure. In 2009, the firm acquired 9.1% of the outstanding shares in The Variable Annuity Life Insurance Company. The purpose of the transaction was to build a controlling interest in the company and provide stability in the markets during the financial crisis of 2008.

Fortress manages private equity and hedge fund portfolios in over 20 different geographies. Fortress believes in putting money to work, not buying and holding for the long term. The firm seeks to make prudent investments and deliver significant risk-adjusted returns. Fortress invests across all asset classes, focusing on real estate, equities, credit, private equity, venture capital, and infrastructure.