Dave Atrobus.As the world continues to battle Covid-19, investors and entrepreneurs are finding ingenious ways to ensure their employees stay focused and remain motivated. While employers know it is not easy to do so, a few that have tried different ways of ensuring their employees stay focused have come out to share their experiences. Dave Antrobus, the director of technology and CEO of Fresh Thinking Group is one of the leaders who have come up with strategies that help company workers who have now been forced to work remotely, stay positive. In a recent interview, the Fresh Thinking Group CEO said it is possible to have a robust team that goes against all odds to perform.

“We all know and see how Covid-19 has flattened world economies. Nobody ever thought that there would reach a time the whole world would behave the same. Today, if you go anywhere in the world, you will encounter the same set of rules that have now turned conventional. You will hear and see rules such as wear facemasks, clean your hands, as well as keep social distance. Besides, it is now a norm that before you travel, you have to produce a kind of certification that you have received a Covid-19 vaccine. That is the norm everywhere now,” said Fresh Thinking Group CEO Dave Antrobus. But even with this kind of a life that has clustered human beings together, forcing others to work remotely for the first time, it is possible to have a robust team.

The Fresh Thinking Group leader now says that building a good team does not necessarily mean that people should work from the office. Dave Antrobus reasons, “You can introduce occasional meet-up seasons, which will bring the employees together. During those meet-up seasons, employees can cheer-up each other with remote working experiences.” In other words, what Dave Antrobus of the Fresh Thinking Group is saying is, it’s possible to beat boredom. “Any serious entrepreneur that has a team of employees, can achieve a good team whether a half of the employees have been distanced from their colleagues due to Covid-19,” said Fresh Thinking Group technology director, Dave Antrobus.