As the world population continues to grow and as climate change is putting unprecedented stresses on the natural resources of food production, large Mexican companies like Corporativo Kosmos realize they must react and change.

For Elias Landsmanas, long-time director of Corporativo Kosmos, that means embracing the growing movement toward “circular economic” strategies. That can mean many things for the food industry, from changing the way raw materials are sourced to engineering waste out of the system.

Elias Landsmanas said it also means finding ways to feed more people sustainably. As an example, he cites the fact that plant-based foodstuffs require far less soil, water and energy to produce than meat-based proteins. While Mexico is still a nation that loves a good steak, the future may bring an emphasis more weighted toward plant-based diets.

A more urgent initiative today for Elias Landsmanas is reducing waste from the food processing and distribution process. That means more recycling and making more efficient use of materials in primary processes. The goal for Corporativo Kosmos is to become a “zero-waste” company.

Sustainability is also the byword of the day. Elias Landsmanas said that involves an array of initiatives, including reducing his company’s carbon footprint by creating new efficiencies in transportation energy consumption.

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