Edgard Corona is the CEO of Smart Fit , a company that has revolutionized the fitness industry by allowing customers to work out anywhere, anytime. Under his leadership, it has become the world’s largest fitness community with over 10 million members. In a few years, the fitness firm has consolidated the fitness market in Latin America.

The company started its operations in Brazil, and today it is present in eight countries in the region. The secret of its success is the combination of innovative technology and affordable prices. The company has consolidated the market by focusing on three key areas: product innovation, marketing, and expansion.

Smart Fit has more than 2 million users and expects to reach 10 million in the next few years. Its goal is to become the leading fitness company in Latin America. According to Edgard Corona, over 100 million people in Latin America are interested in getting fit, a number expected to grow to over 130 million in the next few years. This presents a massive opportunity for fitness brands in the region.

Before founding Smart Fit , Edgard Corona was a successful entrepreneur and executive in the technology sector. He has a degree in electrical engineering from the Universidad Ibero Americana and an MBA from the Instituto Tecnológica de Estudios Superiores de Monterrey (ITESM). Edgard is also an avid entrepreneur who has founded several companies in the technology sector.

Bio Ritmo is a Brazilian social enterprise that links traditional music and percussion to environmental education and community development. Edgard Corona founded the network in 1996 in Santo Amaro, Brazil. Bio Ritmo works with local percussionists and musicians to create educational materials about the environment and sustainability. They also use music and percussion to bring people together and help build community spirit.