Before getting into the world of entrepreneurship, DR. Abdulla Al Humaidi studied medicine for seven years at the Royal College of Surgeons in Dublin. He established Kuwaiti European Holdings in 2008. The successful KEH company has been formed under strong values and missions that deliver high-quality results across all the investments. The Kuwaiti European Holding company structure is well laid down, with KEH majorly owned by the Al-Humaidis family of Kuwait. They are merchants who have a long history of trading that dates back to the 1940s. 


Within the Kuwaiti European Holding company, there are many portfolios under it. Armila Capital limited-it is a UK investment firm with its headquarters in London. The company is known for providing wealth management and planning advice, capital markets. AL-Robaeya Brokerage Company is based in Kuwait. It is a local brokerage house that offers online and offline trading in instruments on Kuwait Exchange to invest its equity for the long term. In Kuwait, Kuwaiti European Holding company had also invested in AL-Fouz investment, which the Kuwait Capital Markets Authority and Central Bank of Kuwait authorized. 


The KEH investment company mainly offers investment and asset management, real estate, and consultancy. KEH company has integrated itself into different markets, including the health sector, through Medcorp Holding Company situated in Kuwait. The company engages in healthcare and wellness. Kuwaiti European Holding company also provides medical treatments, services, and facilities to other Gulf countries. With the main headquarters of KEH in London, the company has also set up London Resort Company Holdings (LRCH) to provide world-class leisure and entertainment. What started as a family business has an integrated intellectual team that deals with corporates over the Globe.


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