Dough HaynesAs a public official, Doug Haynes is also a skilled communicator who can be counted on to explain company management’s nuts and bolts to his board of directors. He is also a frequent contributor to financial media and has appeared on various media outlets, including CNN, CNET News, CNBC, and The Huffington Post.

As the President of The Council, Doug is responsible for defining and executing strategies for investing and trading real estate assets. He also oversees the business development and operations of The Council, where he works with private and public enterprises to acquire, develop, and sell real estate assets in the United States and abroad.

He is frequently a business transformation commentator and has delivered various public speaking events. He is also the co-author of Why You Should Invest in Real Estate and is a frequent speaker at industry events.

In this interview, Doug discusses the benefits of investing in real estate, the best buying time, and investment strategies that work. Doug Haynes also shares his thoughts on the current market environment, the benefits of moving to a fixed-income strategy, and how to diversify your portfolio.

He has had contributions to Index Ventures, a private investment firm. Index Ventures is an early-stage private equity business established to invest in high-value enterprises. Index Ventures is a company that started as a fund of wealth management advisors and has grown into one of the most prominent private equity investors in the United States.

Doug is a very active investor in the public and private sectors. He has had several successful investments in early-stage private equity funds. As The Council leader, he advises high-net-worth individuals and companies on investing in U.S. and international marketplaces. Furthermore, the Council works with private sector enterprises that provide technology, financial advice, and real estate services. Through this collaboration, the Council promotes economic growth and diversifies assets away from volatile regions of the world.