Scott DylanIn 2018, British entrepreneur Scott Dylan founded the Fresh Thinking Group for the purpose of getting a variety of businesses to work together so that they all could benefit from shared corporate operations like marketing, Human Resources and financial development. He felt that by working as a collective, these companies would be afforded the opportunity to focus more on providing better quality services to their customers or clients. As the Founder and Managing Partner of the Fresh Thinking Group, Scott Dylan is responsible for the strategic functions of the company, and he uses his years of business experience and knowledge to support start-up ventures that are having a difficult time getting off the ground, due to not having good marketing ideas.

The Fresh Thinking Group also funds acquisitions of other companies, some of which were the mobile development app company named Cuhu, the digital laundry service app known as Laundrapp, the digital marketing agency Neon, a creative agency called Brass, a logistics business named GLB Transport and a parcel delivery company named Parcelwise. Additionally, the company invested in another early stage digital parcel delivery service called Caribou. Throughout his many years in the corporate world, Scott Dylan has worked in diverse industries, such as logistics, creative digital, and even music. His interest in being an entrepreneur started early. While he was attending school, he ended up starting his first business by coming up with a way to have headphones that were used at his school be repaired at a lower cost, rather than having them replaced.

In addition to running the Fresh Thinking Group, Scott Dylan is also a member of the Forbes Business Council, and a regular contributor to Forbes magazine. He has lived in several countries across the world, including the US, the Netherlands, Spain and France. The UK native is a graduate of the University of Manchester, where he earned a BS degree in Computer Science. His company has locations in London, Leeds and Manchester, and when he is not carrying out his work duties, he enjoys spending time with his partner and their two dogs, who are named Harvey and Ralph.