Betsy DeVos has assumed many roles over the course of her life. She’s been a happy college student. She’s taken the role of motherhood. She’s also a proud grandmother. At every turn DeVos has spent time thinking about American educational policies and what they mean. For her, it’s all about being there to provide insights that come from her long years in the field. Her work has been shaped by the desire to provide all American kids with the best possible education for their needs. She knows that it is possible to create a framework in which children are given what they need to find success no matter where their parents happen to live. This is something she has accomplished over the course of her long career in the field of American education. It is a process that she knows has helped American parents and children.


Fashioning Ideas


Ideas of all kinds are a must when it comes to thinking about educational policy. Betsy DeVos has explored varied educational ideas. She’s come up with what she knows to be a workable solution to the issue of American education. In her opinion, the goal at every turn should be a responsive American policy that seeks to provide the ideal opportunity for every single parent and student. Under her leadership, millions of American children and their parents have found exactly what they need from the system. She wants all kids to have a choice of schools. In her opinion, it is imperative that kids and their parents get to determine what is best for them not local officials. That kind of control is what she believes will enable all children and their parents to make really great academic choices in life. She’s seen this happen personally and watched many American kids benefit.


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