ShakeologyFor many people, losing weight and eating healthy food every day is a goal. While they might get off to a good start, a busy lifestyle, stress or unexpected event can get in the way. Carl Daikeler’s goal is to make daily exercise and good nutrition as convenient and simple as possible. The early years of his career included five years in production services for the NFL’s halftime shows for televised audiences and a decade in the infomercial industry.

While in the infomercial business, Carl Daikeler created many presentations related to health and fitness products. He noticed those items were highly desirable by a diverse audience. Around the same time, the proportion of overweight or obese Americans skyrocketed. Daikeler observed that going to the gym to exercise and spending hours shopping for fresh ingredients and preparing nutritious meals was more than a lot of people could manage.

Beachbody and Shakeology were the results of Daikeler’s observations. He launched Beachbody in 1998. It began as a short workout series with 12 videos. Each of them were about 30 minutes long. People could exercise at home and burn calories without having to schlep to the gym and change in front of total strangers. Participants loved the convenience of at-home exercise, and demand for his workouts soared.

Carl Daikeler and his team ramped up their production speed to dozens of workouts per year. Daikeler is the star of many of those videos. In 2015, the addition of Beachbody on Demand vastly expanded access to at-home exercise options. Their 2018 launch of the OpenFit app offered additional convenience and ways for people to encourage and support one another in their fitness journeys. These services grew at an incredible rate during the 2020 health crisis.


Shakeology’s launch in 2009 added nutritional wellness to the program. The protein powder is a nutritious way to get fiber, protein, vitamins and minerals. It’s available in sample packets, so people can find out which formulation and flavor they prefer. Shakeology can replace a fast food meal, and people can prepare a shake and take it with them to work.