Asot Michael is a member of parliament for Antigua and Barbuda. Apart from that, he is involved in other activities, all for the benefit of his people. Michael has quality leadership skills that he has used for several decades to change people’s lives. According to Asot Michael, we need to have a stable policy favoring the intended changes for the economy to grow. Both social and political aspects should be brought together for the benefit of all. For three generations now, the family of Asot Michael has been on the frontline in service delivery. 


From his grandfather to his father, they have all sacrificed time and resources to change the lives of Antigua and Barbuda. Asot Michael was elected to represent the people of Antigua and Barbuda under the Labour Party. Over the years, Michael has transformed different sectors in his community. His people have access to better healthcare, education, infrastructure, security, and other developments (Europeanbusinessreview). 


The honorable politician Asot Michael has invested heavily in the latest technology because he believes when his people have the right technology, they will be innovating to create more opportunities for the economy’s growth in the country. All these achievements have been possible because of the proper utilization of the available resources. Under the leadership of Asot Michael, tremendous growth has been realized. For example, the problem of housing is no longer rampant, and there is proper sanitation with clean water for all. Michael did his studies abroad, where he interacted with people from different backgrounds. 

This enabled him to improve his leadership skills and become a better leader. He holds a bachelor’s of business administration from Barry University. Michael also holds an MBA from the Miami Graduate School Of Business. His extensive knowledge in business has also been instrumental in managing the family businesses. These businesses have supported the people of Antigua and Barbuda for several years. In his political career, Asot Michael had held different positions in the government even before he was elected a member of parliament. He performed well as a minister, which made him more famous among Antigua and other communities. In his ministerial position, Michael had the opportunity to work in several dockets like public works, insurance, energy, and communications, among many others.