Asot Michael is a Member of the Parliament of Antigua and Barbuda. Currently, he is the Secretary-General of the Caribbean Peace and Justice Organisation (CJPLO). His career began in the civil service, where he served with distinction as the Assistant Secretary of State for External Affairs in Barbados. Asot Michael later went on to become the Director of Civil Aviation in the Bahamas and served in that capacity until he was elected to the Constituency of Saint Peter. Asot Michael is currently a married man with four children. 


Because of this, his focus has been on combating poverty and economic injustice in the Dominican Republic. Asot Michael’s primary election platform has been to implement a “fairness agenda” throughout the Dominican Republic concerning its foreign investments and aid program, including in its tourism sector. Among other projects, he would like to see the construction of health clinics, rural development, and the improvement of education and employment opportunities. If elected as the next President of Antigua and Barbuda, the honorable politician Asot Michael would be the fourth member of the Saint Peter’s Commonwealth, after Sir Michael Myers and Sir Anthony Berry. 


Although not a naturalized citizen of Barbuda, Asot Michael has British citizenship and has lived here most of his life. He is a member of the Labour party and has held a series of community and town hall office positions in Antigua and Barbuda. In addition to being a member of the Labour party, he is also an active Unitarian church and has served on the boards of several charitable and faith-based institutions. Asot Michael has also spent time as a consultant to the Virgin Islands government and previously worked as chief executive officer of the Virgin Islands Development Agency. Other notable members of Antigua and Barbuda’s political establishment include Sir Richard Branson, the Virgin Group, and entrepreneur Roger Vermeer.