The hotel industry in Australia has grown thanks to Sydney’s Andrew Lazarus.

He owns numerous hotels and pubs in Sydney and beyond.

As Lazarus approaches retirement, he has made multiple steps in philanthropy.

He believes all individuals should actively take part in charity work.

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Lazarus is an all-rounded individual.

His input in real estate has led to different opportunities in Newcastle and Sydney.

One of his expertise includes renovating hotels in the coastal region.

He bought the Beach Hotel Merewether for over twenty million dollars.

Initially, this property belonged to the Bale and Twohill families.

They had actively run this establishment for over four decades.

Peter Lazarus, his brother, was tasked with renovating the beach hotel.

The hotel is called Shoal Bay Country.

It is worthwhile to say that he did a splendid job.

After the successful renovation, Peter would take over the property and run it.

A team of professionals markets this Beach Hotel to boost sales.

That way, many locals visit these places.

The property is one of the most outstanding achievements of Lazarus.

In addition to this, the hotel is an excellent investment because of its iconic location.

The view from the hotel is breathtaking.

Lazarus attributes most of his success to his team of employees.

He believes in employing only the best employees.

Also, he has placed faith in them; hence they hardly fail him.

Suffice to say; his employees are also responsible for helping him broaden his business.

Andrew Lazarus has invested in numerous successful fields thanks to his employees.

They are his eyes and ears since they identify viable business opportunities.

He is also a firm believer in bettering yourself.

Recently, he has been focusing on increasing his input in philanthropy.

Lazarus intends on building a legacy that encompasses giving back.

His main reason for joining real estate was to aid in community development.

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