ZeroAvia is an aviation company that is building airplanes without the use of combustible traditional engines. This U.K. and U.S. – based company is working to use alternative fuel sources that do not require carbon emission. ZeroAvia is developing the use of hydrogen-electric engines, which will allow the aircraft to achieve zero-net carbon emissions by 2040.

This revolutionary airline company is the modern Tesla for aviation. Amazon launched the $2 billion Climate Pledge Fund in June 2020. Amazon contribution aids the expansion of decarbonizing and continuous procedures and benefits. The company’s goals and achievements are so impressive that Amazon has partnered with ZeroAvia. ZeroAvia has already shown that they are a leader in the zero-emission aviation quest since its conception four years ago. The company’s goal is to transport passengers and goods at least 500 nautical miles powered only by hydrogen-electric fuel by the year 2023. The first of its class will consist of aircraft that can hold 10 to 20 seats. After test runs and initial beta testing, the company will grow organically with the production of more and larger aircraft added to their aviation fleet.

According to Green Biz, with the help of Amazon and other same-minded “green energy” companies, ZeroAvia will be the future of aviation travel. This technology will not only lower the operation cost, decarbonization of carbon, it will also help save our environment. By doing these acts to salvage our planet, other larger airline companies will follow suit, making ZeroAvia the gold standard in the aviation industry. ZeroAvia is giving our future generations a chance for a healthy and prosperous future. Follow ZeroAvia on Twitter.