This man is a entrepreneur and the current president of 9d Ventures. 9d Ventures is a privately held venture capital organization. This man is working on bringing a new platform of social media to life that connect celebrities and influencers with their fans and hopes to launch later this year.

Born and raised in a suburb of Milwaukee Michigan Alexander Guizzetti graduated with a bachelor’s degree from the University of Wisconsin-Madison and dual major in business management and real estate economics. With his 1st business plan he began planning while he was in school, he developed a concept for his 1st start up company within his final year of college.

Not only does Alexander Guizzetti have his own companies, he also dabbles in real estate and holds an active real estate license in the state of Arizona.

A fan and proponent of list making, She says it’s him in remaining on track in remaining organized within each of his multiple ventures.

His phone is also kept handy at all times and is often writing notes whenever good ideas occur. He preference is not to be one to lose ideas just because he refused to write them down.

Days for this programmer typically do not begin too early but they do find themselves often putting in work hours way past midnight.

Alexander Guizzetti currently resides in Scottsdale with a dog named Scooter. When he is not working he enjoys riding his motorcycle, working out, or walking in the park with his dog.

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